GudNeSs Bars

Our Gudness bars were created with a lot of love, a little bit of patience, and just the right amount of iron! They are easy to eat, yummy, iron-rich nutritional bars that contain the World Health Organization recommended daily dose of iron, 14mg!



The proprietary recipe was created with the help of nutritionists and contains local iron-rich ingredients commonly found in the Indian diet! We'll let you in on a secret. The word GudNeSs is uniquely capitalized because the letters stand for:

  • G - 'Gud' or Jaggery - The sweetness in our GudNeSs
  • N - 'Nachani' or Finger Millet - A rich source of iron and calcium
  • S - Sesame seeds - Along with iron, contributes other beneficial minerals

Nutritional Value

Each bar contains 14mg of iron which and satisfies the daily iron requirement put forth by the WHO, which recommends 60mg of iron weekly. To replace lost iron, an adult male needs 10mg iron/day while a menstruating female needs 15mg iron/day. With 14mg iron, Gudness is a great option for both categories.

How do the bars taste?

In one word? Yummy! We crafted GudNeSs bars with the Indian palette in mind. If you've ever had the sweet indian treat called 'chikki,' it tastes like that except souped up with iron and other nutrients!

Shelf life & Cost

The bars last up to 6 months and cost a nominal 10 Rupees ($0.16)! That's less than a small bag of chips and just a little more than a cup of chai tea. We further subsidize the cost of GudNeSs bars in rural areas by using the profits generated from sales in urban centers.

Production & Supply

Currently, we own one production unit in Maharashtra. This supplies 25 schools, 4 NGOs, and 5 retailers across 3 states. We rent cars and trucks from other companies to transport GudNeSs bars. 

Women Production Units

We knew that iron-deficiency anemia was a huge women's health issue in India, affecting over 55% of women. Furthermore, we quickly realized that women strongly desired to not only fight their own anemia, but also the anemia in their communities. As a result, we teach women in rural areas how to create GudNeSs bars and to sell them in their local communities. This not only serves as a source of income for their families, but also is a sustainable way of expanding GudNeSs to hard to reach regions!


Growth of GudNeSs

In just under one year, we've gone from producing 10,000 GudNeSs bars to 70,000! Within two months of launching, we sold over 7,000 bars in schools in South Mumbai. Currently, our orders are at 3000 bars per month and growing

New Production Facility

GudNeSs is growing so quickly that we can barely keep up with growing demand. Right now, we have one production unit in Maharashtra, located in western India. Consequently, we are struggling to efficiently supply GudNeSs bars to states in southern India, where demand is increasing. This is due, in part, to the steep cost of transportation to these areas. Our goal is to expand to three additional states by 2014, by opening a NEW production facility in the south so that we can efficiently supply the growing demand. 

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